In our art studio we hire and work with people with the highest qualifications. These individuals have many years of professional experience both in their home-land and abroad.

Most have conservation education, completed the Academy of Fine Arts. Our team of experienced and highly qualified specialists perform a full range of maintenance work and production.

This allows us to provide services for you professionally and comprehensively.

For questions, please contact us. Tel: +48 605 211 470,



Letter of Reference

Bielsko - Biala on March 20th, 2011

RECORD Information Technology Systems in December 2010 held at the headquarters of his company, which is located in a pre-war villa, a complete renovation process of the office space.
Renovation work items made from wood that is stylized with a mezzanine staircase were made by "Antyk-Styl" Zbigniew Chodnik from Myślenice. They have been cleaning the stairs, carried the reconstruction of defects and maintenance of wood.
The company in addition to the renovation work done professionally and operationally on the basis of the proposed project of the stylized reception area.
A number of furniture made by employees of "Antyk-Styl" company is the interior decoration of our representational space.
Professionalism, conscientiousness and sense of aesthetics are the domain of the company. I recommend.

RECORD Information Technology Systems,
43 - 300 Bielsko - Biala,
Kasprowicza Street 5


Letter of Reference

Świętochłowice 2011-11-30

The company "Antyk-Styl", based in Myślenice, Przemysłowa Street 4, represented by Mr. Zbigniew Chodnik carried out, on our behalf, the following types of work:

            → the project of Art-Deco style furniture
            → construction of Art-Deco style furniture
            → renewal of furniture

During the implementation of the work above, employees also demonstrated their skill, diligence and sense of aesthetics.
I recommend the company "Antyk-Styl" in the field of services as a trustworthy partner.

Dawid Kostempski

City mayor

Moderator - Bud
04 - 462 Warsaw
Strażacka Street 89

Warsaw 09.20.2010

"Antyk-Styl" company, 32-440 Sułkowice, Rudnik, Słoneczna Street 548, represented by Zbigniew Chodnik carried out, on our behalf, the following types of work:
            → project period furniture
            → execution of the above, furniture
            → restoration of antique furniture
            → renovation of contemporary furniture

during the implementation of the work above, employees have demonstrated great creativity in the design phase, in-depth knowledge of the art of carpentry furniture, both in terms of performance and the conservative restoration, reconstruction and use.
The company also has considerable flexibility, reliability, commercial, care of the entrusted property.
In summary, with the carrying out of the previous co-operation, with full responsibility for services I recommend "Antyk-Styl" company.

Jacek Parol,

Myślenice, August 8th, 2010

Law Firm "Quadium" located in Myślenice, Żwirki & Wigury Street 5b (32-400 Myślenice), confirms that the company "Antyk-Styl" Zbigniew Chodnik, located in Rudnik, Słoneczna Street 548 (32-440 Sułkowice) carried out at the request of the Office:
restoration of antique furniture and furnishings complex.

Moreover, "Antiyk-Styl" carried out at the request of the Office, interior design associated with measurements, transport and assembly.
Workers of “Antyk-Styl" are reliable people in the furniture restoration and service, knowledgeable in the profession, all work was done on time, with skill, without reservation.
We recommend the company "Antyk-Styl" in the field of services as a trustworthy partner.

Gregory Romańczyk

Klimaty, Cracow, Józefa Street 2

I would like to express my highest respect for the quality and precision of creating our counters for our cafe bar room by "Antyk-Styl" Zbigniew Chodnik. Furniture in its form and style of execution suited perfectly our interior as well as the property meets all the needs that are expressed during checkout.
It should also be noted that the deadline for implementation was very short and the contact and cooperation with "Antyk-Styl" was without complaint.
Seating made by "Antyk-Styl" without any doubt are one of the most important design elements of our premises and also have all the advantages of utility furniture.
I would definitely recommend "Antyk-Styl" services and in the future I will be happy to see them again.







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