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We are pleased to announce that the company "Antyk-Styl" carried out a professional course about "Restoration of antiques and woodcarving art" as a part of the European Operational Human Capital Program.

The classes in questions included in the theoretical and practical lectures, the groups are carried out by known lecturers, art conservators, and educators. The course participants were adolescents, from Sułkowice, Myślenice and Dobczyce who wanted to explore the secrets of the unique renovation  knowledge.
It is worth noting that theoretical classes were being held in a specially rented for that occasion lecture hall, located in a private school in Myślenice. Students have not only extensive knowledge of antique furniture restoration and woodcarving art at their disposal, but also all kinds of supporting materials. Young people fascinated with the renovation, lively participated in the discussions, asking interesting questions that teachers replied.
What you will certainly be interested in, is the fact that the second part of the training (the practical part), took place in our company. Youth had the opportunity to meet the renovation of the kitchen, confronting theoretical knowledge gained in lectures, with the real contribution and  engagement to the work that must be done in this very difficult profession.
Each participant had at his disposal a set of professional tools that can be used in the workshop. The information gained from the lectures, unusually practical experience and guidance of our experts, resulted in that, each participant gained invaluable knowledge that may in the future, be born in passion, and will enlarge the group of specialists in restoration and conservation of antiques and woodcarving art.
After an unusual course, which includes up to 80h of training and is ended by a finishing exam, there is no doubt that the renovator is a person who is not only manually talented, but also has a rich spatial imagination as well as anyone who has an extremely valuable historical knowledge, which allows one to create true works of art, referring to the certain ages.



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